Since our start in 2005, we continue to be sincerely committed to our clients, providing uncompromising personal services. We’ve grown to be the one and only concierge company in Japan given various complex missions and challenges by clients and have built our singularity and extensive network to deliver solutions to whatever the request. Our home is Tokyo, a unique metropolis.
We are looking forward to your inimitable and imaginative requests as these missions stimulate our creativity.



Taking part in your life events is our happiness and we treat every request personally with sincere care.


Traveling is almost like making your own road movie. Every essence of your journey is carefully selected and thoughtfully constructed by a concierge specialist. Tell us your dream and we will write the script.


When thinking of Japan, Shopping is for sure a unique experience. We will assist you source items as diverse as pastries and cosmetics that can only be found in Japan as well as hard-to-find items like limited edition cars and classic games.


We work for the most important Art institutions and collectors in the world together with a partner based in Europe. We can arrange exclusive visits to artists’ studios and private collections. As part of our passion for creativity, we are one of the artists creating fashion items using Japanese traditional fabric.


House Management

No more worries if you are considering owning a place in Japan without residing in the property often or at all. We can maintain and Manage your precious House and prepare it for your stay like you are staying at your own 5-star hotel.


Our unique position in Japan means we have access to highly confidential Real Estate information. To learn about such information contact us.